The Wiggles & Friends Celebrate 20 Years By Throwing a "Wiggly Party".

The Big Surprise.
In May my husband came home with three tickets to see the Wiggles.  It turns out that they were making a stop in our region, during their North American Tour.  It is rare for such a big concert to come so close to home, and he also wanted to surprise our daughter.  The concert was set for a date just a few weeks before her second birthday.  At first I was a little skeptical as to whether she would be able to handle a concert.  And I wondered if it was worth it for the both of us (hubby and me) to go.  We have been to many rock concerts but weren't familiar with the Children's Entertainment circuit.  Though I have been listening to their songs for ten or more years as a Preschool Teacher, I was barely familiar with the Wiggle's TV show other than knowing their 3:30 pm time slot on Treehouse.

"Wake up Jeff!" 
The concert began with a video message from Jeff Wiggle.  Heart surgery has kept Jeff (Fatt) home in Australia, as he had to have a pace maker to correct arrhythmia.  He reassured the children that he is feeling better and missed being on tour.  Jeff Fatt's role as the Purple Wiggle, was played by Brad Carroll.  

"Brad (Carroll) understudied with the Wiggle's and is performing for this three week leg of the tour."  
Direct quote from Anthony (Fields) 2011/07/27

 More information about Jeff Fatt and his recovery:

Missed Opportunities.

I wish I had known a little bit more about the special opportunities available during this concert.  Research would have saved me some disappointment.  First, I didn't know that the Wiggle's and friends would come down into the audience to collect roses for Dorothy the Dinosaur and bones for Wags the Dog.  Sam Wiggle literally walked right by us, but we had nothing to give him.  Second, there was a "Fifth Wiggle" contest inviting parent's to submit a video audition.  A winner was being chosen for each tour stop, and would get to sing and dance on stage during the Fruit Salad Song.
Yes, I was a little star struck. Sam was 2 people away!
You Can't Fake Talent or Warmth.

All in all, those missed opportunities were just a minor down-note, on a super, fantastic, laughter-filled, fun, family night!  The stage was set with a simple backdrop, and props.  I have never been to a concert with as much audience interaction.  In between songs and costume changes, Murray and Sam took turns reading out each and every poster that was loving made by children and parents.  While collecting roses and dog bones, Murray was late getting back to start the next set, because he was lingering with his young fans.  There were no "dead" times even with delays to starting the next round of songs.  Anthony, the lovable goof-ball, was always ready to do something like, Simon Says, or build a human pyramid with the other dancers and Character Friends.  One of the stunts could have ended terribly.  Most of the cast took turns jumping up onto a jumbo ball.  Captain Feathersword missed the crash mat on his landing, but jumped up and went on with the show.  Phew, I held my breath for a few seconds.  He assured everyone that he was fine, but I'm sure he would have had a headache later.  The video is posted below.

Speaking of characters, they were all there.  Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus, and costumed dancers all helped add to the exuberance of the show.  We had a new Character added to the crew as well.  Ringo the Ringmaster sang with the Wiggles, and helped in a lot of the antics after opening the show.  The only background information given on Ringo was that he actually used to perform in Phantom of the Opera (Australian Production).  I think he might be Simon Pryce?

Listen, I know that these are professional entertainers. But honestly, it is one thing to keep young children (and tired adults for that matter) entertained on a 15 minute TV show,  to keep everyone listening and engaged for 90 minutes is a special talent.  And to also be sincere and genuine when interacting with your fans, well, that really made me love them.  By the end of the night, I left feeling as though I had spent 90 minutes with a group of people that really enjoyed spending time together.  It was heart-warming to see that they actually had fun too.  Twenty years is a LONG time to work with the same group of people.  That is something to CELEBRATE.

Wiggly Links:

Fifth Wiggle.
I missed out on this one. A chance to be the "Fifth Wiggle" during the Fruit Salad Song/Dance.  For those that are interested, I believe it is open to North American tour dates only.  The Fifth Wiggle Contest Video and Entry Links.

Concert Dates.
If you would like to see the concert for yourself, there are still a few Canadian Tour Dates (what's left).

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Visit their website for Wiggles-themed activities, Fan Club information, Online Shop, Insider Newsletters, and more.

Reach Out And Read.
A portion of ticket sales in North America will go towards helping this literacy program that helps put books into the hands of young children via clinic visits to doctors.


Marina said...

Sound like a really great family night :)

Amy said...

Yes it was fun. We are still having a Wiggly Party in our home. Princess Destructo wore her concert T for two days, and is still clutching it. I highly recommend catching them if they ever swing by your way. I was pleasantly surprised,we only paid $46 for floor seats. Any rock concert would easily triple that cost.

Apes said...

I'm SOOO glad you guys had a great time! Definitely a different genre of entertainment for Mommy & Daddy! :) <3