Living With Bravery, Fear, and Courage.

I have a terrible fear of heights.  Ladders I can handle, but hiking near these cliffs made me sweat.  This picture was snapped by my hubby while we went exploring on a camping trip.  If you look really close you can see birds in both pictures.  We watched them fly in and out of holes in the cliff side.  And we could hear the babies chirping from inside the holes in the cliff.  Who would choose to raise a family in such a perilous environment?  The alternative must be much worse if a cliff side became a "safe" choice.  That for me is a lesson in living with courage.
Canada Day Weekend 2007
Birds are soaring in the top-right, this is the view from the TOP of the cliff.
This was snapped on our descent down the steep path.
A SIDE view of the cliff with birds chirping from inside the holes,
and adult birds flying in and out.


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