Welcome SPRING & Farewell to GRACE.

Welcome SPRING and the changes it will bring!

After two years of ramblings I will be closing the book on Mimi's Musings, AKA Grace and Me.  Seasons change and so do we.  I originally started this blog to connect with other people and to exercise my noggin while on Maternity Leave.  I have used this blog as somewhere to rant and express myself, while still protecting the PR friendly nature of Mimi's Humble Pie.  Having survived the depths of postpartum depression, and connecting with some great people, I opened a PR friendly blog last summer and called it Mimi's Humble Pie.  The new blog is less than a year old and seems to be thriving!  I had tried to commit to posting three days a weeks on each blog but can't keep up with it.   What's changed? I'm back to work in Early Childhood Education, chasing a 2 1/2 year old in my home time, and  trying to finish my ECE diploma in the next year.  Needless to say- staying up till 3 AM to post on 2 blogs is not helping my stress levels.  I never intended to have the blogs be another stress, they were supposed to be my outlet when I became a lonely stay- at home- mom.  Also, I have changed.  No longer lonely, or depressed, I have found my mom wings and embraced GRACE.  So I'm pruning the branches of my life to cut out the things I feel guilty about not keeping up with.

Thanks for reading, thanks for following, and thanks for supporting me through a rough stage.  I am not going to delete the blog immediately.  The domain expires on April 7, 2012, so I simply am not going to renew it.  So this is not a goodbye, merely a transition. I do feel as though I am closing a chapter of my life though.  This blog came to represent and house some of my darkest early days of motherhood.  And as time went on, it became a place to declare that GRACE had taken over where once there was darkness.

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